(Updated 10/29/20 8:00 AM) Our trucks are picking up today Thursday, October 29, 2020, after the storm. However, we are starting on a slight delay. Please go ahead and put your trash and recycling out now to ensure you do not miss us. Those that put out their cans last night before the storm may have their cans blown over and trash and recycling all over the yards and streets. Time will not permit us to clean up all of those messes, but we will do our best to pick up what we can. If you miss us by not having it out before we arrive, you will have to wait until your next scheduled pickup. Our schedules and routes are full and time will not permit us to return. If your power I out and you cannot remove your cart from your garage, you may but your bags on the curb for pick-up. Thank you!

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Custom Disposal Service, Inc. has been providing superior residential garbage removal and disposal services to the northern Atlanta suburbs for over three decades. We are known for our consistency, dependability, clean trucks and exceptional customer service. Whatever your residential waste management need, we can help.
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