Bulk / Junk Removal

Bulk / Junk Pick-Up

If you have large or bulky items that will not fit into your roll-cart we can help with that by scheduling a special bulk pick-up. There is a separate charge for this service to cover the expenses including the disposal fee.

Please fill out the requested form below with as many details as possible. Please include measurements, estimated weight and we will get back to you ASAP with a price quote and a possible pick-up date.


We have a minimum charge of $50.00 for special pick-ups outside the perimeter (AKA OTP). The minimum Charge inside the perimeter (AKA ITP) is $60.00. The reason for the additional charge for ITP is the limited amount of disposal facilities accessible to us along with the additional time added to each job for traffic.

NOTE: Please list the item or items you need picked up. Please be as detailed as possible and give dimensions and estimated weight to get the most accurate quote. Underestimating or failure to include all items hauled away may result in an increased charge once we arrive to perform the pick-up. The increased charge will cover our increased disposal fees and labor for the additional items that were not included in the original quote. We are charged by the amount of weight we dispose of at the facilities we haul to. Our quotes are based on the info we have along with estimated time and labor involved. If you have several items and cannot estimate the weight, just be as detailed as possible and we can quote you the job with a range of what the charge would be from the low end to the high end based on the information given. Please upload photos for the most accurate quote. In addition, please indicate if these items will be on the driveway all together for pick-up or if you need us to remove from backyard, Basement, or anywhere within the home and if we will need to go up or down stairs. All items placed together on the driveway will be the most affordable option we can quote. Items disbursed throughout a home or back yard normally increases the rate by a possible 50%-100% because of the increased labor and time involved.
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