Residential Services

Residential Curbside Pick-Up

All customers are supplied with a 95 gallon roll-cart for disposal of household waste and yard debris. An additional cart can be provided for $7.00 per month. Carts must be placed at the curb in front of your residence before pick-up time. All garbage must be bagged and tied.

In most of our service areas, once-a-week pickup is standard, but in a few select locations, we do offer twice-a-week pickup. Please contact us or call us at (770) 977-2788 to learn more about those select coverage areas.

Our pricing is not published due to the vast area we serve, the different cities we serve that have fees, and the current HOA and contract agreements we are under. Please call (770) 977-2788 or email us if you would like a service quote.

Residential Construction Pick-Up Services

With our Custom Roll-Off service, we will provide you with metal containers on rollers to dispose of your construction project debris.

Our trucks will drop off and pick up containers on your schedule.

To learn more, get an estimate or schedule our custom roll-off service, please call (770) 977-2788.

Helpful Hints

To help prevent insects and unwanted smells in your garbage:

  1. Bag and tie all garbage.
  2. Keep your container clean. Use water and bleach to disinfect.
  3. Do not put food scraps into container. Dispose of them in your sink, if possible.
  4. Rinse out food and drink containers before disposing of them.
  5. Dispose of perishables within a day or two of pick-up days.

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