Homeowner Association Services

Custom Disposal Service provides discounted rates for HOAs

We currently serve over 800 communities. In addition to the quality of our service, there are many benefits to having a single disposal company working in your neighborhood. Click here to request a quote.

Custom Disposal HOA Benefits

Cost Reduction: Depending on the size of your neighborhood, we will negotiate a reduced rate.

Free Service: Common areas, including pools and tennis courts, will have free pickup.

Safety: We get to know your neighborhood. Therefore, our drivers are familiar with the streets and surroundings, including crosswalks and play areas, and drive slowly and cautiously. Also, since a single truck serving your neighborhood has to stop at each house, they never gain significant speed.

Fewer Trucks: Less trucks on the streets prolongs the life of the asphalt.

Consistency: Garbage cans and trucks are not out at different houses every day of the week. Like clockwork, you will know when we are going to be in your area. The rest of the week your streets will be clear of garbage cans and trucks.

Helpful Hints

To help prevent insects and unwanted smells in your garbage:

  1. Bag and tie all garbage.
  2. Keep your container clean. Use water and bleach to disinfect.
  3. Do not put food scraps into container. Dispose of them in your sink, if possible.
  4. Rinse out food and drink containers before disposing of them.
  5. Dispose of perishables within a day or two of pick-up days.

Customer Testimonials

  • I have been a customer of your company for the last 5 years and I have been very impressed right from the start. I think it’s about time I write and tell you all the things that you people do right. My neighbors use a different company and their trash is picked up the same day mine is; however, while your trucks are in the neighborhood about the same time every week, this other company’s trucks work with a 5-hour window. Very occasionally, they don’t come at all. Of course, we all know that things happen and accommodation must be made, but it is very interesting to me that your company never seems to have these issues. I run in the mornings and I see your crews working. They consistently make sure that all the trash is dumped from the can into the truck, even to the point of reaching into the can to remove something that may have stuck to the sides. The first time I saw one of your crew do this, I was amazed, but I now know that it is standard operating procedure. Also, I have noticed that after dumping the trash, the crew member places the can in the driveway, off the street, so that the mailbox can be accessed later in the afternoon by the mail truck. This may seem like a small thing, but the other trash company does not make a point of doing this and I am sure it is very annoying to the letter carriers!

    I should also mention that the crew that works our neighborhood, Chadds Lake, is always friendly and courteous (this really goes without saying). The driver is exceptionally careful – children are at the school bus stops in the mornings, people are walking their dogs or out jogging, and your crews work efficiently without seeming to be in a hurry. I know that they have lots of places to be on a given day but obviously management conveys the message that safety comes first and your personnel are obviously very well-trained. I would go so far as to say that this particular crew should be doing your training!

    So let me commend you on being a great example of a service industry doing its job exceptionally well. It makes me very glad to see companies like yours succeed.



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