Contract Services

Custom Disposal provides contracted services for homeowners, townhome & condominium associations

We make the process easy. After we have established an agreement, Custom Disposal does all the work. We will save you money and manage your clients’ disposal needs with our quality service. Click here to request a quote.


We supply all sales centers with brochures containing all pertinent information that residents need to know about our service.

Each home receives a 95 gallon roll-cart, labeled with their address and a complete holiday schedule on each lid.

Billing is completed on a quarterly basis.

  • New developments with unsold units will receive a bill at the end of each quarter, prorated for the exact number of units serviced for the exact number of days serviced, ensuring that customers do not pay for services they did not receive. Many of our competitors will not do this.
  • Established developments that have sold all units will receive a bill at the beginning of each quarter for that particular quarter.

Helpful Hints

To help prevent insects and unwanted smells in your garbage:

  1. Bag and tie all garbage.
  2. Keep your container clean. Use water and bleach to disinfect.
  3. Do not put food scraps into container. Dispose of them in your sink, if possible.
  4. Rinse out food and drink containers before disposing of them.
  5. Dispose of perishables within a day or two of pick-up days.

Customer Testimonials

  • Brian, I do think you guys do a great job, not only in your collection work but in the detail of your billing. I have found very few firms that will spell out the specifics like you do and I really like that. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep right on recommending you. Thanks again!

    Laurence Smith, CMCA, AMS, PCAM John Weiland Homes & Neighborhoods / Senior Association Manager
  • I work for a management company who manages several properties in and around Atlanta. I work with several sanitation companies some large and some small. The ones I have the most problems with are the large ones. They cannot respond quickly or consistently when I have a problem or if I just need a garbage can delivered to a new homeowner. Custom Disposal Service is by far the very best company that we work with. They do the job right the first time. I do not have to stay on the phone constantly with them to get something done. I just call them once and they do the rest. They also give superb service to our homeowners. I will use them as our service provider every time I can if at all possible.

    Lynn Mitchler Homeside Properties Inc.

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