Annual Payment Terms and Conditions

Custom Disposal Service, Inc. voluntarily offers the option for its customers to pay for eleven months in advance so that our customers do not have to pay quarterly throughout the year. In return for annual payment, we offer a 1-month free credit for payment of eleven months paid in advance no later than January 31st of each year. We must receive payment for eleven months at your current monthly charges, no later than January 31st of the year in which you are paying for services. Once we receive the payment for eleven months along with this signed agreement, we will then credit your account for 1 month free. The credit will be for the base amount of your monthly rate for your service(s). If you still receive paper statements by mail the $1.00 per month charge will still be charged to your account for all 12 months. In addition, the 5% fuel Surcharge will be calculated for all 12 months. To calculate what you would pay for the year, you will multiply your quarterly billed amount by 4 and subtract only your base monthly rate for you service(s) before the $1 per month statement fee and the 5% fuel surcharge fee.

The customer must use our service for the entire year to receive the discount. The discounted month is for December of each year. If service is terminated any time during the year for any reason in which services were prepaid, the free month credit will be charged back to the account and the refund for services will be calculated on the remaining months of the year of which prepayment was made.

Monthly rates– Annual payment made in January does not lock in your monthly rate or guarantee that you will not have to pay more for the entire year should there be a price increase. In January of each year we cannot predict what our costs of providing our service for the entire year will be. There are many unknowns in this industry. We do not know when, how often, or how much our fees will go up for the disposal of your garbage and or recycling. We do not know what the fuel market will do as well. Therefore, prepayment does not guarantee that you will not receive a rate increase. If we must pass along a rate increase to you and you have prepaid, you will receive another invoice for the difference in what you paid and the increased amount from the time of when the increase went into effect through December 31st. If we must pass along a rate increase, you will receive communication prior to the billing quarter in which the increase will go into effect. If you receive our communication of increase, please understand that you will be receiving another invoice for the remaining difference.
This invoice will normally generate during the 4th quarter billing cycle, which you should receive during the last week of September.

Custom Disposal Service, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this offer or change the policy at any time during the year or in the future. This option to prepay for eleven months is voluntary and is intended to benefit our customers. If you do not agree with our terms, you should not exercise this option; you should pay quarterly for service, which is our normal billing cycle and process.

By completing the form below  you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions set forth to receive one free month credit for services.

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