Glass Recycling Letter

Important Recycling Notice about Glass


Attention recycling customer,

Our recycling material processor, West Rock, has recently informed us that they will no longer be accepting glass of any type mixed in with the other single-stream recycling items. This is due to the fact that there are no affordable ways or markets to process the glass in a manner that it can be reused or recycled. If you are interested in reading about it more in depth, here are a couple of links that will take you to articles about the glass issues. Type the address below into your web browser or simply Google AJC story on glass recycling in metro Atlanta.

This link is to a recent WSB story on recycling in metro Atlanta. Custom Disposal Service is featured as one of the Cobb County private contractors.
Many of our competitors have already suspended glass as an acceptable recycling item. Those that have not will be doing so in the very near future. This is a problem that affects everyone. It is not specific to one company’s guidelines. This is a mandate from the recycling processor. Therefore, effective immediately we will no longer be accepting any glass of any type in your recycling container. If we deliver our loads to the processor and they contain glass, they will either pass along a hefty surcharge or reject our load resulting in 100% of the load being transferred to a landfill. Respectfully, we ask that you do not put us in that position. We are notifying you ahead of the deadline that was given to us so we can have time for the reeducation process on glass recycling to take place. We suggest placing all glass in your bagged waste and placing it into your garbage can starting today.

Moving forward our costs to provide our services will now increase because it will cost us more on the disposal side with glass now being placed in the garbage container as opposed to the recycling container. We currently do not have a plan in place to recapture that newly obtained expense. We will have to review the numbers after several months of glass being removed from the recycling stream. Currently it is certain that there will not be a reduction in recycling fees as a result of the removal of glass.

Included with this letter is a label for you to place on top of your current Acceptable Items label on your recycling container. Please be diligent about doing this so that everyone in your household or that visits your household is aware that no glass of any type is accepted. Instructions are included for sticker placement.

We have also included a copy of your pick-up calendar. Your current calendar will expire in June. A copy of the calendar can also be downloaded and printed or viewed from our website at anytime. Your day and week of service will not change.

Thank you for continuing to recycle and for complying with the industry standards. Your efforts really are making a difference! We are committed to keeping you informed and educated on the current standards and as any changes are made in the process.

Custom Disposal Service, Inc.