Commercial Pick-Up

Commercial Pickup Services

Custom Disposal provides the hassle free dependable service you have been looking for, for your business.For Commercial Pick-Up service, we deliver commercial grade, metal dumpsters that carry up to 6 cubic yards of waste. These metal containers are delivered to you and picked up by Custom Disposal trucks to your place of business or yard or wherever we can possibly set it to be conveniently available for your use. We also offer an a less-expensive commercial service for when a dumpster is not necessary.

Call Brian at (770) 977-2788 ext. 1003 for more information about our Commercial Pick-Up services and pricing.


Commercial Construction Pick-Up Services

With our Custom Roll-Off service, we will provide you with metal containers on rollers to dispose of your construction project debris.

We specialize in smaller containers, 10 cubic yards to 16 cubic yards, for residential use. These containers require smaller trucks and are easier to maneuver, allowing us to get them close to your clean-up site.

Our trucks will drop off and pick up containers on your schedule.

Call Ken at (678) 229-7693 for more information about our Custom Roll-off service and pricing.