Unique Pick-Up

Unique Pick-Up Services

If you have any physical restrictions or do not want to roll your cart to the curb each pickup, we offer pickup from your garage.In most cases we can pick up and return your cart to your home for $10.00 per month. You may also select just pickup at the house which is $5.00 per month. With this service we will leave your empty roll-cart at the curb after emptying it.

Bulk Item Pickup

If you have an item or items that cannot be picked up by one of our regular garbage trucks, such as appliances or furniture, schedule a special pickup with us. Prices vary depending on the item and payment is rendered at the time of service.

To find out more, get an estimate or schedule a Special Pickup, call Brett at (770) 309-2754.

Helpful Hints

To help prevent insects and unwanted smells in your garbage:

  1. Bag and tie all garbage.
  2. Keep your container clean. Use water and bleach to disinfect.
  3. Do not put food scraps into container. Dispose of them in your sink, if possible.
  4. Rinse out food and drink containers before disposing of them.
  5. Dispose of perishables within a day or two of pick-up days.