Rules & Regulations

Service Rules and Regulations

    • 1. Always bag and tie all garbage.
This ensures that all trash is removed properly and helps keep trash off of the street and your neighborhood beautiful. This is a Cobb Co. ordinance (found in Chapter 102 Article 2 Section 102-69-Customer’s Requirements ).
    • 2. Moving boxes.
    We will pick up moving boxes with no additional charge as long as they are broken down flat and placed at the curb in an organized manner. All packing paper and packing peanuts must be bagged and tied.


    • 3. Yard waste.
All yard waste must be bagged in paper biodegradable bags or bundled with twine. Bundles must be no longer than 3ft. and no heavier than 40lbs. Rocks, dirt, trees, and concrete are not considered to be yard waste and will not be picked-up on our regular truck. If you have any of these items listed that you need picked-up, you must call our office and schedule a special pick-up or order a roll-off container. *There are limits and charges for yard waste in some areas.


    • 4. Excessive garbage.
Monthly rates are assessed based on average household waste only. All other items are subject to additional charge. We know that there are cases when a customer will have more garbage than normal. We will be glad to take extra garbage from time to time. However, if it becomes a regular occurrence we may have to charge more to cover our additional costs.


    • 5. Paint and hazardous waste.
It is illegal for us to pick up and dispose of any hazardous waste such as: gasoline, oil, antifreeze, car batteries, liquid paint, acids, etc. However, paint can be picked up if it is in a solid state. This can be achieved by mixing an equal part of cat litter with the paint and allowed to harden for a few days. Once the paint has hardened, we can pick it up. Please leave the lid off each can of solid paint and place it on the ground next to your trash can. Any liquids that are discarded for us to pick-up, have a good chance of leaking onto the roadway in front of your and/or your neighbor’s homes. Our trucks are not 100% leak proof for liquids. Absolutely no paint or Oil should ever be placed in your container for pick-up. It is illegal and could result in a fine from the EPA or the Disposal service we deliver to.